Iotron Industries Announces Strategic New Hire

Iotron Industries Announces Strategic New Hire


Raj Mattu has joined Iotron Industries Canada, effective immediately. He will work with the company’s Commercial Team in continuing to support our valued clients and maximize opportunities in the rapidly growing markets of pharmaceutical irradiation, polymer crosslinking, and contract sterilization services.

Mattu previously worked as a regulatory consultant, supporting industry development through adherence to Canada’s controlled drugs, substances and pharmaceutical regulations.

Prior to joining Iotron, Raj established a strong track record in sales, business development and marketing while serving as a sales & marketing specialist in the commercial/retail integrated life safety, security and communications markets.

In his new role at Iotron, he will work to build upon the foundation of customer partnerships developed across the region, and begin to lay the groundwork for new opportunities in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries as demand continues to increase for Iotron’s contract sterilization services.

“Mr. Mattu is a strategic hire for Iotron as we further commit to continuing our growth in Canada and across North America. He understands the challenges in the ever-changing markets that we serve and he shares in the Iotron vision as it relates to our growth strategy and importance of our customer partnerships,” says Aaron Starkey, Commercial Director of Iotron Industries CANADA/USA. “As our customers’ needs change, they will look to us to keep up with their increased demand and provide the solutions they require. Raj will also seek out new markets where our services can improve value and make a real difference as we continue to innovate and discover unique ways to apply our electron beam technology.”

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With facilities in Port Coquitlam, BC and Columbia City, IN, Iotron Industries provides sterilization, bio- reduction and materials modification services for the orthopedic, medical device, and specialty plastics markets. Iotron offers a team of dedicated experts to facilitate material processing requirements utilizing Electron Beam irradiation technology. For over 25 years, Iotron’s highly experienced staff has been providing a knowledgeable approach to the development of unique processes associated with a broad array of products and materials, earning Iotron recognition as a global leader in radiation processing.

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