Governor Visits: Pence Touts Region at Round Table

Governor Visits: Pence Touts Region at Round Table


Brett Myers

COLUMBIA CITY — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was in Columbia City Wednesday and touted his Roadmap for Indiana and praised regional economic activity at a business roundtable at Iotron Industries.

The governor complimented the northeast corner of Indiana, stating the region was a great example for the state.

Before the governor spoke, a presentation was given by Tino Pereira, president/CEO of Iotron. He stated there were many attractive aspects of Indiana and multiple reasons why his company selected this state as its operation in the U.S. He said that, if anything, Hoosiers were too modest about what a great asset the state was.

While preparing to become governor, Pence said he saw what the state needs. In his term as governor, he envisions companies working in their corners of the state to make life better overall and having this effect work outward to the state level and the national level.

Part of this plan is the creation of curriculum. Pence said schools could tailor aspects of what they do to meet the needs of employers in those regions of the state. Under this proposal, students could be career-ready out of high school if they did not wish to pursue college.

Iotron was attracted to the financial situation of the state, and it had a great influence on the company. Pereira also noted the region is ready for industry.

For his part, the governor commended the work of local leaders, such as Columbia City Mayor Ryan Daniel, Whitley County Economic Development Corportaion president Alan Tio and John Sampson, president and CEO of Indiana Northest Regional Partnership, and said the northeast part of the state is on the move.

Pence said part of his roadmap for the state included a 10 percent cut in state taxes. This would, in his view, aid economic growth, as it would give an opportunity for individuals to invest.

Overall, though, Pence believes the state is moving forward as it ought. The focus on the future will also include increasing the strengths Indiana already has and creating opportunities for new ones.

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