5 Quick Facts About EBEAM Sterilization

5 Quick Facts About EBEAM Sterilization


EBeam Sterilization

With advances in technology, sterilization processes have evolved and new methods have been created to better serve businesses’ needs. Electron beam processing has advanced greatly since it came about in the early 1950s. 

During this time, the sterilization industry has experienced many improvements with different methods entering and leaving the market. It’s important to understand the differences in order to pick the best sterilization process for your products and materials.

1. Ebeam Sterilization is Customizable

Every business has different needs and those needs can also fluctuate, which is why ebeam sterilization can be a great fit for many different industries. The application of ebeam is customizable and can be augmented to fit a variety of goods and products. Iotron Industries has a team of experts that understand the technology and how it can apply it for a specific material or product configuration.

2. Rapid Turnaround Time

Treatment time is quick! Typical lead time at Iotron Industries is 3 days for processing of full-size truckload quantities.  With advanced notice, Iotron has the capability to receive a truckload of products and process on the same day for critical path supply chains.  This gives customers peace of mind knowing they don’t have to account for long wait times.

3. Iotron is Chemical and Waste Free

The ebeam process does not result in radioactive isotope or chemical waste by-products. This means, unlike other sterilization methods that use chemicals in their processes, ebeam technology uses zero chemicals in the process. The disposal methods are safe and environmentally responsible. Iotron Industries’ process involves sterilizing products, such as medical devices or animal feed, through ionizing radiation. Electrons destroy the harmful microbes and pathogens that lead to disease and infection while producing no waste that needs to be disposed of.

4. Sterilization Procedures Are Safe

Other sterilization modalities require the production and use of radioisotopes (“gamma” radiation) or high concentrations of carcinogenic gases. Iotron’s IMPELA EBEAM Accelerator is powered by reliable and consistent electricity. This is safe because the sterilization procedure does not result in radioactive isotope or chemical waste by-products, and is commonly referred to as an “ON/OFF” technology.

5. IMPELA Technology Serves Many Purposes

Although electron beam processing is primarily used for sterilization purposes, it can serve other purposes as well. Iotron’s technology is used to modify the molecular and physical properties of specific materials. Polymers, resins, and semiconductors can be modified to improve the usefulness and enhance value.

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