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Food irradiation, though not a new concept, is now increasing in popularity. Food irradiation can prevent countless infections by destroying the pathogens that cause illness. Irradiation is not a cure-all for the food industry, but its application can contribute considerably in the effort to eliminate food-borne illness.

Food irradiation has been approved in nearly 40 countries and has been endorsed by the U.N. World Health Organization, the US Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, the American Public Health Association and the United States Department of Agriculture. The US FDA has approved the irradiation of a variety of foods at doses of up to 10 kGy. Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations currently permit the irradiation of only a few food categories at this time.

Irradiation processing can improve the safety of our food supply by offering several beneficial results including:

Control & Elimination of Pathogens

The elimination of harmful food-borne pathogens such as E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria Monocytogenes from meat products that harbor them. Sterilization of packaged foods and meats reduces the chance of cross-contamination.


Log reduction of bacteria in herbs, spices & natural health supplements, control of insects and pests in fruits and grains.They can be processed by this technology to reduce bacterial contamination without compromise to their sensory properties.

Shelf Life Extension

The delay of ripening in fruits & vegetables, extension of shelf life of packaged products – meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables & juices, inhibition of sprouting in tubers – potatoes, onions, garlic.

Food irradiation can prevent countless infections as well as deaths, simply by destroying the pathogens that cause the illness before the food is delivered to the consumer. Food manufacturers can take action to ensure that their food products are as safe as they possibly can be before the food is delivered to consumers, thus reducing the chance for costly and damaging recalls.

There are some fears about the safety of irradiated food but hundreds of studies have been conducted on this topic and have found irradiated food to be safe to eat. Irradiation actually makes foods safer to eat because any bacteria that may have been present have been eliminated. Irradiated foods neither retain nor emit radiation and therefore are not radioactive.

The effect of irradiation on a food’s nutritional value is minimal and is comparable to the nutrient value lost during cooking, canning, freezing and storing of the same food item. Irradiation has minimal impact on the appearance, taste, smell and texture of the food.

The emergence of irradiation processing as a quality assurance measure will have a profound impact on consumers. The impact of this technological breakthrough in the food industry is on par with the introduction of milk pasteurization early in the last century.

This technology could prove to be the single most important tool in the fight against food-borne illness. The application of these proven technologies enables food processing facilities to meet consumers’ ever increasing demand for high quality and safer food. The ability to irradiate foods in their consumer ready packages offers an additional level of assurance against cross contamination.

Electron Beam processing is an excellent way to reduce bacteria, pathogens, insects and pests in foods and food ingredients destined for export outside of Canada. Many importing countries require that food ingredients must be certified to be free of pathogens before entering the country. Iotron’s Quality Assurance department will work with you in meeting your requirements.

For more information about how Electron Beam processing can benefit your food products, please contact us. Our team of experts is ready to work with you.


Numerous agribusiness sectors have realized cost saving benefits by utilizing Electron Beam processing. Many agribusiness companies require contaminant free materials and products.

Electron Beam processing can replace traditional sanitation methods that are often tedious and less cost effective for achieving the control and elimination of pests such as weeds and insects, as well as bacteria, fungus and molds.

  • Operational improvement opportunity
  • Eliminate chemical use
  • Eliminate costly heat treatments
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Flexible process for various packaging sizes and configurations
  • Environmentally friendly


Electron Beam processing is used by animal feed manufacturers who require pathogen free ingredients to assure a wholesome, healthy end product.

Horticulturists need to have sterile growth mediums and planting pots to reduce the risk of early mortality to young plants and seedlings. Sanitization can be very costly if not done effectively. Iotron takes sanitization to a new level, offering Nursery Growers unparalleled results. Iotron utilizes irradiation technology to eliminate add weeds pathogens, fungi and molds on pots, trays, and stryroblocks. Iotron’s sanitization method fully penetrates materials in similar manner to an x-ray, effectively sterilizing the material.

Field trials have proven that the sanitization level of pots prior to planting can affect plant yields. Be confident that your pots, trays or styroblocks are the cleanest they can be from the start. A disease free environment creates disease free plants. You can help the environment by sanitizing used growth mediums and planting pots rather than discarding them and purchasing new.

In the apicultural sector, beekeepers require disease free hives in order for their bees to thrive, reproduce and manufacture honey. Sometimes it becomes necessary to disinfect all beehives in an area. Iotron provides a solution for today’s bee colony problems. Iotron’s treatment program provides Apiculturist’s a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for managing common beehive contaminants. Iotron’s Electron Beam irradiation treatment is proven effective for eliminating American foulbrood (AFB), Chalkbrood and Nosema from comb, pollen, and wax. Irradiation is the most effective method of disinfecting comb contaminated with N. ceranae.

Iotron’s treatment method penetrates through materials in a similar manner to an X-Ray, yielding superior results and does not leave any residues behind. The Iotron treatment allows beekeepers to reduce the need for antibiotics and other interventions. Iotron’s Electron Beam irradiation treatment program is an advanced integrated pest management (IPM) tool for working on today’s complex issues. We will help you decontaminate your hives so that your bees can flourish.

For more information about how Electron Beam processing can benefit your agribusiness, please contact us. Our team of experts is ready to work with you.

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