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Iotron’s warehouses include an accelerator, conveyor, and shielding. The product to be processed is placed on the conveyor, then treated as the conveyor passes it through the Electron Beam. The speed of the conveyor determines the dose delivered to the product. The height of the beam from the conveyor allows many configurations to suit various product types, while an instrumented beam stop provides a signal for monitoring and control.

IMPELA® uses an L-band, on-axis-coupled, standing-wave cavity system for accelerating the electrons. It combines the best features of pulsed and continuous-wave machines by operating in the long-pulse mode.

The pulsed operation increases the energy gradient and avoids the need for multiple structures, but the length of the pulse (about 200 microseconds) reduces the peak power and allows the machine to operate at low electrical and thermal stresses.

The structure has a high shunt impedance which ensures efficient conversion of rf power to accelerating gradient and it is operated with high beam loading. This combination ensures stable operation in continuous use and a compact simple-to-control unit.

The accelerator cavities have a special advanced cooling system which ensures that there are only small changes in the resonant frequency of the structure when power is increased. This allows rapid start-up. Configured for 10 MeV, the accelerator structure is 3.25 m long.

The beam is delivered at pulse repetition rates up to 500 pulses per second depending on the beam power. For special applications, pulse lengths from 70 to 500 microseconds can be provided.

On the IMPELA®, pulse repetition rate and the pulse length can be varied within the limits set by the maximum beam power available. Vacuum pumps on the electron gun, accelerating structure and scan horn ensure high-quality vacuum conditions.

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