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The High-Powered Choice For Electron Beam Processing

IMPELA® is an electron accelerator for industrial applications. It uses common components and design principles to cover a range of powers and energies. The design is based on the long-term studies of high-power accelerating structures for industrial machines conducted by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

IMPELA® accelerators at 10 MeV 60 kW have been operating commercially for more than seventeen years with excellent track records. IMPELA® is especially suitable where combinations of dose and volume are high and where the electron mode can be used. Where greater penetration is needed, an x-ray converter can be provided.

IMPELA® has been designed for use in industrial electron processing applications such as sterilization of medical supplies, curing of plastic and rubber, processing of wood cellulose, disinfestations of bulk products and the elimination of pathogens in waste.

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Main Features

Accelerator Model : IMPELA® 10/50


Beam Energy: 10 MeV
Beam Power: 60 kW
Peak Beam Current: 115 mA
RF Frequency: 1.3 GHz
Structure Type: Standing wave on-axis coupled
Scan Frequency: 5 Hz
Scan Width: 107 cm (nominal)
Main Conveyor: Chain driven rollers
Underbeam Conveyor: Water cooled aluminum, direct driven chain
Carriers: Aluminum trays
Shielding: Concrete

Additional Features

  • IMPELA® provides high-speed, penetrating industrial processing at low cost and high reliability.
  • Processing is on a box-by-box or part-by-part basis. Process parameters for each individual box or part can therefore be recorded.
  • The L-band accelerator structure and low peak power ensure stable continuous operation.
  • A beam energy of 10 MeV or above can penetrate a 30 cm box of medical products. X-rays can be provided where greater penetration is needed.
  • At 60 kW electron power, IMPELA® can deliver 25 kGy to two tonnes of material in one hour.
  • Product handling speed is controlled directly as a function of beam power to maintain a constant dose-per-unit-processed.
  • Long-pulse operation of the RF system ensures that the beam energy is accurately maintained at all times.
  • Process speed (dose), scan width and scan profile can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of each group of products.
  • All critical machine operating parameters are continuously monitored by an industrial programmable controller. They can be transmitted on demand to a QA database.
  • There are no additional processing or residual chemicals. Items can be released from quarantine as soon as the documentation is in order.
  • No harmful chemicals or radioactive materials are involved.
  • The generation of electrons ceases when the power is turned off. There are no radioactive materials to handle or dispose of.
  • Products processed by IMPELA® will meet the most exacting QA requirements.
  • Processing parameters, including the temperature of the product, can be controlled to meet a range of requirements.
  • Scan width and scan profile are tailored to the product and monitored and controlled continuously.
  • Processing is rapid and products can be cooled or heated to the desired processing temperature during their exposure to the Electron Beam.

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