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An Accelerating Technology

Iotron owns the technology for the IMPELA® Electron Beam Accelerator, which has high-energy capabilities over a wide range of power options from 20 to 100 kW. Iotron can provide turnkey facilities to users wishing to operate their own facilities, including employee training and follow up equipment service and maintenance.

The Electron Beam treatment process involves accelerating a beam of electrons to near the speed of light and by utilizing an oscillating magnetic field, sweeping the electrons back and forth across the product. Products to be processed are delivered through the Electron Beam by a conveyor system.

Electron treatment of medical products leaves them sterile because the DNA molecules in bacteria are destroyed. Treatment of materials with an Electron Beam can also modify physical, chemical, molecular and biological properties to improve their usefulness and to enhance their value.

Enhancement of topaz is another application utilizing Electron Beam technology. Electron Beam technology is an environmentally friendly process compared to alternative treatment methods, which may require the use of radioactive or hazardous materials. Iotron’s IMPELA® Electron Beam Accelerator, developed in Canada, is one of the largest and most powerful units in the world. Electron Beam Accelerators need only electricity to operate and produce no waste materials.

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